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Joy Factory

Joy Factory iPad Car Mount (HD) Seat Bolt Mount

Joy Factory iPad Car Mount (HD) Seat Bolt Mount

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Heavy Duty Dual Extension Arm Seat Bolt Mount Only designed for trucks and commercial vehicles

For an increasingly mobile workforce, the MagConnect Heavy Duty Seat Bolt Mount for tablets will keep your device in the best position for easy access in your vehicle. The mount attaches to your vehicles existing hardware in a wide range of vehicle makes and models from first responder vehicles to commercial vehicles. 

This sturdy mount is built with high quality arms that can be adjusted to different viewing angles. With built-in MagConnect technology; the tablet can be easily attached to the mount's arm. For those who use mobile apps to navigate their on-the-go job, the HD Seat Bolt Mount is the sturdy and reliable way to keep your device in view and keep you connected while on the road or in the field.

Operate vehicle in accordance with state and local laws, and refrain from use while driving.

  • Attaches to passenger seat from a wide range of vehicle makes and models
  • Built with dual telescopic extension arms and spherical ball joints for angle adjustment
  • Features MagConnect magnetic connection technology for quick mounting and dismounting with all MagConnect cases
  • Built for commercial use
  • Mount built with lightweight aluminum alloy
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